Umbilo was sold to the Ellerman Lines in 1909 and renamed Castilian.

She was torpedoed on April 18th, 1917, 110 miles north west of Tory Island, off the Irish coast

Life after Bullard King

One of Umbilo’s most distinguished passengers was Dinizulu, the rebel chieftain, who was banished to St Helena in 1887.

In January 1898 Dinizulu was allowed to return to Natal and Umbilo was chartered to fetch him as his entourage back from the Island.

The whole of the First Class saloon was reserved for the party but Dinizulus two wives spent most of their time on the hatch feeding and sleeping.

The royal passenger also brought on board with him six donkeys, 10 dogs, some rabbits, a piano and a harmonium.

His entourage numbered 31 persons and there were no other passengers on board except Miss Colenso, daughter of the famous Bishop, who was accompanying the distinguished travellers.

A Distinguished Passenger - 1898

This is her sister ship Umkuzi

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