1880 - June

Mail Service


3 June


11 June


17 June


H S Warleigh

H Ballard

S R Caines

Chief Officer

L A Munn

H F Hoste

L Chiappini

Second Officer

A Warton

R Reynolds

G E Cornwall

Third Officer

F W Robinson

M Salt

B Copp

Fourth Officer

H J Hastings

W F Warren

J T Lewis

Chief Engineer

W Bastin

R Turnbull

S Gearing

Second Engineer

R H Nosworthy

M W Wormald

W D Hamilton

Third Engineer

J E Leevers

W Parsons

R MacLeod

Fourth Engineer

T Dobson

T H Taylor

Fifth Engineer

C D McLachlan

T Rounthwaite


F W Linard

R Norman

E Gamble-Langwith

Chief Steward

J C Hobbs

H Trump

F C Wright

Union Line

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