1894 - October

Intermediate Service


5 October


19 October


J Tyson

W Laws

Chief Officer

H Strong

S W Smith

Second Officer

J George

J A Burke

Third Officer

G R Thwaites

W Wade

Fourth Officer

B Burt

Chief Engineer

A Y Aitken

W F Turner

Second Engineer

W T Roskelly

S J Stewart

Third Engineer

C J George

D J Napier

Fourth Engineer

G C Hobbs

A N Brown


T G Symons

J F Elliott

Chief Steward

T Newton

G Le Seelleur

Union Line

Mail Service

Tantallon Castle

Left Southampton

6 October

For South Africa


Left Southampton

13 October

For South Africa

Hawarden Castle

Left Southampton

20 October

For South Africa


Left Southampton

27 October

For South Africa


J C Robinson

H D Travers

Combined Mail Service

Mexican struck underwater wreckage in South African waters. The return mail voyage was taken by Arab.

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