1884 - February

Mail Service


7 February


8 February


8 February


21 February


S R Caines

E Griffin

E T Jones

H D Travers

Chief Officer

G M Molony

W H Dutton

C P Bickford

M A Smyth

Second Officer

O H Barker

A Warton

B Copp

G C Gordon

Third Officer

M M Tyrrell

G H Blundell

J C Westall

R W Hancock

Fourth Officer

J C Livermore

H Bennett

E B Brackenbury

D J Jenkins

Chief Engineer

J S Robertson

R H Nosworthy

J Barr

R Turnbull

Second Engineer

J Glass

A Wilson

W J Lawther

R H Nosworthy

Third Engineer

A Prahm

C Leyland

J E Leevers

Fourth Engineer

W Howell

J Tremellin

Fifth Engineer

F R Gibson

W Allison

Sixth Engineer

A Smith


C W Sayer

W Clark

R J Boyd

J Clark

Chief Steward

F C Wright

D Bailey

A Harwood

T W Stevens

Union Line

Castle Line

Mail Service

Roslin Castle

Left London

26 February

For South Africa


J C Robinson

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