1900 - August

Mail Service

Kildonan Castle

Left Southampton

4 August

For South Africa


Left Southampton

11 August

For South Africa

Carisbrook Castle

Left Southampton

18 August

For South Africa


Left Southampton

25 August

For South Africa


J C Robinson

D Griffin

J B Harrison

J Morton

Chief Officer

G K Gandy

Second Officer

W B Dyer

W H Ellis

Third Officer

C Leigh-Kinnear

Fourth Officer

W Gillham

Chief Engineer

F G Clarke

Second Engineer

J Smith

Third Engineer

D Martin

Fourth Engineer

H Clarke

Fifth Engineer

R Hughes

D McGill

Sixth Engineer

A Carruthers

J C Allan

Seventh Engineer

J J Campbell

J C Callander

Eighth Engineer

J T Peden

Ninth Engineer

W Y Wilson


J Lamming-Burton


I MacLellan

Chief Steward

F Hurst

Union-Castle Line

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