1901 - April

Mail Service


Left Southampton

6 April

For South Africa

Dunvegan Castle

Left Southampton

13 April

For South Africa

Tantallon Castle

Left Southampton

20 April

For South Africa

Wrecked on 7 May


Left Southampton

27 April

For South Africa


R Reynolds

R Rendall

H D Travers

T J Bremner

Union-Castle Line

After the wreck of Tantallon Castle her place was taken by Braemar Castle for the Northbound mail trip

Cargo Service

Corfe Castle

4 April


J Rose

Chief Officer

L F Taylor

Second Officer

G Gray

T Storien

J B Haynes

Third Officer

P A Edwards

W R Cole-Baker

J Cruikshank

Chief Engineer

J B Hall

Second Engineer

C Johnston

Third Engineer

D Farquharson

Fourth Engineer

H D Henderson

Chief Steward

R Matthews

F C Gray

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