1912 - October

Union-Castle Line

Mail Service


Left Southampton

5 October

For South Africa

Kinfauns Castle

Left Southampton

12 October

For South Africa

Edinburgh Castle

Left Southampton

19 October

For South Africa

Kenilworth Castle

Left Southampton

26 October

For South Africa


T J Bremner

F J Moseley

J W Creaghe

R Reynolds

Chief Officer

C R Jackson

Second Officer

E A Singeisen

Third Officer

H M Hart

J Montgomery

Fourth Officer

A E Williams

G E Blackmore

Chief Engineer

W Thompson

Second Engineer

W Sutton

Third Engineer

J J Fancourt

Fourth Engineer

D Crawford

Fifth Engineer

A W Gillespie

W H Black

Sixth Engineer

J Lawrence

B R White

Seventh Engineer

W G Mackessack

B F Creed

Eighth Engineer

R D Matheson

Ninth Engineer

W R Montgomery


W Dowley-Eddows


R St Golds

Chief Steward

J H Fogarty

Union-Castle Line

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