1910 - November

Union-Castle Line

Mail Service

Walmer Castle

Left Southampton

5 November

For South Africa

Kinfauns Castle

Left Southampton

12 November

For South Africa


Left Southampton

19 November

For South Africa

Edinburgh Castle

Left Southampton

26 November

For South Africa


S C Brown

F Whitehead

T J Bremner

J W Creaghe

Chief Officer

H B Piers

C R Jackson

Second Officer

E S Vincent

S G Turner

Third Officer

D W MacDonald

E H Thornton

Fourth Officer

A G Wyllie

R Tyrer

A L Ambler

G S Higgins

Wireless Operator

W Gale

A Cookson

Chief Engineer

W G Fraser

P S Connell

Second Engineer

A Miles

W Sutton

Third Engineer

W N MacDonald

J J Fancourt

Fourth Engineer

J Smith

J MacKenzie

Fifth Engineer

W D Grant

W Meyer

J Robson

B R Campbell

Sixth Engineer

F C Russ

D Mills

J Walker

W K Black

Seventh Engineer

A R Pearson

W H Saunders

J A Roberts

D MacFarlane

Eighth Engineer

J Reid

A L Wilson

Ninth Engineer

W B Elder

E Pickering


G M Strellan

G D Hunter


M Hart

A C Patrick

Chief Steward

H Stott

W King

Union-Castle Line

Union-Castle Line

Clan Alpine

Left Glasgow

12 November

For Liverpool

Collision in The Clyde


C C Shapland

Clan Line

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