1906 - June

Union-Castle Line

Mail Service

Kildonan Castle

Left Southampton

2 June

For South Africa


Left Southampton

9 June

For South Africa

Carisbrook Castle

Left Southampton

16 June

For South Africa

Kenilworth Castle

Left Southampton

23 June

For South Africa

Armadale Castle

Left Southampton

30 June

For South Africa


J Tyson

R Reynolds

T J Bremner

J W Creaghe

J C Robinson

Chief Officer

M D Butterwick

L T Wooldridge

D H Hoskins

Second Officer

A G Linggard

C J Duncan

Extra Second Officer

W Francis

Third Officer

J Symons

A J Densham

Fourth Officer

G H Fogden

Fifth Officer

A P Cooke

Chief Engineer

T J Fordyce

R Dow

Second Engineer

G C Boden

W Bain

Third Engineer

C R Tonge

G Porter

Fourth Engineer

F W Chate

R Steele

Fifth Engineer

A McDougall

H F Lawson

J Lewers

R M Findlay

Sixth Engineer

G P Stewart

W Stewart

J Reid

H Fithie

Seventh Engineer

A A Bell

W B Campbell

W Reid

O B Holtzman

Eighth Engineer

C Currie

T Allan

Ninth Engineer

J Stevenson

W Tidman


J Moir

A R Raine


W A Sinclair

A Patrick

Chief Steward

W Greeves

J Bornet

Union-Castle Line

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