1977 - December


First Mate’s Certificate

Second Mate’s Certificate

Deck and Radio Officers

J Broughton

E Swale

J W Sweetman

To Chief Officer

To Second Officer

To Third Officer

Deck  and Radio Officers

N Smith

R Wadham

P Middleton

G A McEwan

E Swale

J W Sweetman

A R Watkins

P S Whyte

D C Williams


To Jnr Second Engineer

To Third Engineer

To Junior Engineer

Engineer Officers

C Valance

R Samuel

G Sinclair

J Argent

B Bannister

C C Barden

R L Bath

R F Beadell

R J Cottee

M R Crowhurst

R B Fairclough

G L Fish

P L Gamble

N C Goodhew

C J Grover

A S Henson

M K Hoskins

M O Hudson

G M Massie

G S Matthews

A MacLean

D R Peacock

P F Raymond

A Sanderson

C P Stracey

S Towers

1st Class Motor


Marine Electronics


Engineer Officers

R Conibeer

L Edwards

G Herd

R S Wheeler

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