1977 - July


Master’s Certificate

First Mate’s Certificate

Second Mate’s Certificate

Deck and Radio Officers

R Thomas

R Hamilton

J Harris

D Hart

C Jones

R Kendall

J Miller

A Reading

To Chief Officer

To Second Officer

To Third Officer

To Trainee Radio Officer

Deck  and Radio Officers

R Thomas

J Broughton

J Pink

B Dalziel

R East

J Fallon

D Hazell

P Hickmott

A McCulloch

D Precious

A Reading

M Swaffield

E Banach

W Lough

K Mort

S McHugh


1st Class Steam


1st Class Motor


2nd Class Motor


Engineer Officers

S Priestly

J Austermuhle

A Carmichael

I Thompson

R Thompson

C Vallance

Mail Service


Left Southampton

15 July

For South Africa

Southampton Castle

Left Southampton

29 July

For South Africa


R Thomson

N Wray-Cook

Union-Castle / Safmarine

To Second Engineer

To Jnr Second Engineer

To Third Engineer

To Junior Engineer

Engineer Officers

G Anderson

A Carmichael

J Fisher

J Flynn

P Herron

I Thompson

J Baines

N Morrison

S Morrison

D Thomson

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