Roy Hitchings

Emails received 29 Aug 2014

As I have only known Roy for something like the last twenty five years, I asked a friend in Durban to send me an obituary that would cover more of his like and this lovely tribute has come in from Louis Gontier in Durban and is a wonderful (and accurate) tribute to Roy Hitchings.

Can I ask for it to be put on circulation through the Union-Castle listing please.

Kind regards,

Andy Thomson

Hi Andy

Roy Hitchings did his apprenticeship in the shipyard in Wales and played rugby competitively , Made a lot of friends out there.

He went to sea and sailed on several of the Union Castle line boats and then joined Safmarine and sailed as Chief Engineer. He went ashore in 1978 and worked as fleet manager for several years. He opened up his own business in 1992 and worked until his death.

Roy was one of the founders of SAIMENA and served as chairman and president.

Roy was a true gentleman with integrity and loved the marine industry with a passion. He was involved for almost 55 years. He was a true friend and always involved everyone in social gatherings and events. He was generous to all and did not expect anything in return.

He enjoyed life, loved his family and gave all he could and more to them. He was very proud of his grandchildren and their achievements and attended  many of their sporting events. He love sport and would travel the globe to watch the Springboks play rugby. He loved going back to Wales to see” old” rugby friends.

He took up golf at the age of 69 and played it very well and showed his sporting ability. He loved the game and played it to the end. His character came out in the game – A true gentleman.

He will be missed by all

Louis Gontier

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