1953 - January

Mail Service

Stirling Castle

Left Southampton

1 January

For South Africa

Pretoria Castle

Left Southampton

8 January

For South Africa

Arundel Castle

Left Southampton

15 January

For South Africa

Athlone Castle

Left Southampton

22 January

For South Africa

Carnarvon Castle

Left Southampton

29 January

For South Africa


J H Trayner

G E Mayhew

W S Byles

C C Page

J F Oakley

Third Radio Officer

K Barrett

Union-Castle Line

Intermediate Service

Bloemfontein Castle

Left Cape Town

24 January

For England via Walvis Bay


J A Ferguson

Chief Officer

A A Freer

Second Officer

C A McKeown

Extra Second Officer

S K Smith

Third Officer

J Robinson

Chief Engineer

D B Abercrombie

Second Engineer

W K Mabbett

Int Second Engineer

T Bradshaw

Jnr Second Engineer

T McIlwraith


K S Shaw


R J Wynter

Chief Steward

C H Frost

First Radio Officer

G W Kilmister

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