Kenneth Thomas McNish

From the General Botha Old Boys Association Muster List

1941 indentured apprentice to Union Castle Line,

4/0 on the Arundel Castle for Sicily and Italian Troop Landings.

1944 sailed with Royal Dutch Shell carrying HI Octane.

1946 to 1951 remained at sea with Union Castle.

1951 Cargo Superintendent with Union Castle in Port Elizabeth.

1952, 3/0 & 2/0 with Safmarine, obtained Masters Certificate in 1954.

1955 joined S.A. Navy as Lieutenant, Navigation Officer on SAS Transvaal.

1957 Master of R.S. Africana II.

1961 transferred to Department of Transport and commissioned the new vessel R.S.A. 1962 to 1973 numerous voyages to the Antarctic and awarded the South African Antarctic Gold Medal.

1974 appointed Marine Surveyor in Cape Town, transferred to East London in 1975 where appointed principal officer.

1990 estate agent board exam in Cape Town.

Deceased 19/08/2008.

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