Umtali (1)

After serving her time in the main line service Umtali was requisitioned by the British Government in January 1915, and until April 1916 she was used as a squadron supply ship.

For over two years she then acted as a collier and as an ammunition carrier to North Russia.

From July 1918 until the following April she was a store carrier, but was then returned to her owners and after some months re-entered the Natal trade.

In 1925 she was sold to Yugoslavia and renamed Solun, being reconstructed two years later as a Submarine Depot Ship.

Her named was subsequently changed to Vintali in 1927, then to Hvar in 1928, then to Quarnerolo in 1941, back to Hvar in 1945 and finally to Mornar in 1951. She was finally broken up in 1953.

57 Years of Service - 1896 to 1953

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