Rev Eric A Warren

Email from the Rev. Eric Warren.  2nd December 2008


Dear Mr.Owen,

I recently had a very pleasant chap call on me who, during the course of our conversation, mentioned that many years ago he had served as a deck officer on the Athlone Castle. He mentioned your website and recommended that I make contact with you.

Some little while after being `demobed' I was offered the job of swimming pool attendant on the Athlone Castle, sailing from Southampton on Thursdays, and returning six weeks later on the Fridays. Because it is so long ago, I cannot be explicit as to dates, but would be very interested to be added to your list of ex crew members.

Yours sincerely,

Eric A. Warren  (Rev).

5th December 2007

After leaving school, served four years in the army (short service commission) mainly in Malaya. Declined the opportunity to extend service, and was fortunate to be offered the swimming pool  on the Athlone Castle. On the first pre sailing life boat drill, one of your senior deck officer colleagues enquired as to my experience. I vaguely replied "Not a lot" whereupon he quietly enquired which was Port and Starboard, I mentally tossed up and lost! After a moment he grinned and said "Ex brown job" I confirmed correct.

He later asked to speak to me and it transpired that I'd been his younger brothers company commander.

I was later offered the gym on Cunard's `Caronia' which I enjoyed, then the gym on the old Queen Elizabeth - which I did'nt overly enjoy.

Seeking respectability, I left the sea and spent four long years in training as an accountant. After several more years (complete with ulcers) I left to become an ordinand, then priest, in the Anglican Church - which took me to Africa and India, and I've enjoyed ever since.

Now being antique, I spend my time pottering and trying to learn how this blessed machine works!


Kindest regards,


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