Charles William Wing

The ranks, ships and dates 'from' and 'to' are taken from a letter, dated 30th September 1931, certifying Mr. Wing's service from the Company, signed by one of the joint manager, Mr. R.F. Gibb, IN 1932 Mr. Gibb was made Chairman of the Company.   The countersignature is that of Mr. Robinson, Superintendent Engineer.

This certificate was probably required by Mr. Wing to prove his watch keeping time in order to qualify for his Second Engineers examination, thus stating that in this time Mr. Wing kept  watch for eight hours out of twenty-four on the main engines and/or the boilers.  

I am grateful to Mark Vickers for sending me a copy of this certificate. (OGK)


9th Engineer                     "Arundel Castle"                      13th September 1927      23rd January 1928

Junior 8th Engineer         "Arundel Castle"                      24th January 1928            26th November 1928

Senior 8th Engineer        "Arundel Castle"                      27th November 1928       1st April 1929

7th Engineer                     "Saxon"                                      2nd April 1929                   8th August 1929

Junior 7th Engineer         "Arundel Castle"                      9th August 1929                4th November 1929

5th Engineer                     "Dundrum Castle"                   5th November 1929          31st January 1930

5th Engineer                     "Gloucester Castle"                 1st February 1930             2nd May 1930

                                             Sick leave                                 3rd May 1930                      18th May 1930

5th Engineer                     "Gloucester Castle"                 19th May 1930                   20th June 1930         

7th Engineer                     "Llanstephan Castle"              21st June 1930                 26th July 1930

6th Engineer                     "Guildford Castle"                     19th July 1930                  20th October 1930

5th Engineer                     "Shepstow Castle"                   21st October 1930            9th November 1930

Junior 6th Engineer         "Kenilworth Castle"                 10th November 1930        14th September 1931

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