Ann Patricia Walton

I was most interested to be informed of your website and have enjoyed reading about some past shipmates. Your staff list is by no means complete so perhaps two more names will help.

I remember your father very well when he was Marine Super in Southampton, always had a kind word.

I joined Union-Castle as a Cadet in 1946 . fresh from the Worcester and sailed on the Maiden Voyage of the Riebeeck Castle. I was in the Company some 14 years, sailing in many cargo Intermediate and Mail vessels. After passing my Masters Ticket in 55 my last appointment was 2nd. Officer on the Edinburgh Castle after which I left in 1958.

I married the Children's Hostess on the Edinburgh  ==Anne Patrica Walton the day after I left the company. We now live in the South of France


G.D.J. Attwood

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