1953 - March

St Essylt

St Thomas

St Merriel

St Margaret

St Elwyn


C Bradley

A Ellis

F Meneight

I Ellis

G T Rees

Chief Officer

D Morgan

D C Brown

F B Jones

K H Thomas

H E Bulmer

1st Officer

T Greenough

T D Young

J A Constantine

J A Lewis

E A Robinson

2nd Officer

J A Hale

J S Stooke

P A B Trant

I P Skipp

A J B Phillips

3rd Officer

G A Crellin

T Haworth

J C Harrington

M A Hallas

W C Briggs


D L Blackmore

P J Tindale

J A MacAdam

N P Howard

D Allen

J Lynch

R C Stevens

B A Bambridge

J D White

W S Wallace

P G Pope

D A Roberts

J E Leaver

M D Chester

A C Pyrke

T G Oxley

Chief Engineer

R L Tucker

W L Marrs

E Thompson

J C Metcalfe

R T Jenkin

2nd Engineer

N C Thomas

T A Harrison

N Milne

P E A Richardson

P Imlach

Jnr 2nd Engineer

R B Brown

F Haysom

J I Howarth

Snr 3rd Engineer

C W Price

R H Williams

C S Osborne

W G L Davies

A D Manning

Jnr 3rd Engineer

W McMurray

G L Flowers

4th Engineer

I R Anderson

G Wright

G E Tucker

C Goldsmith

5th Engineer

B Robson

W S Lingard

C J Shattock

J Bolt

A Sweeney

6th Engineer

J Lee

W Wilkinson

1st Electrician

R T Doyle

T Jones

2nd Electrician

J T Burridge

T G Jenkins

Chief Steward

H H Dickens

I Carmichael

S Frampton

A Bishop

R Stephenson

St Arvans

St Helena

St Braivels


N Sharp

A Stacey

A A Havers

Chief Officer

J G P Tew

G W Hewitt

A G Chamberlain

1st Officer

T E D Leslie

2nd Officer

P Bellamy

D C Williams

J F Whitfield

3rd Officer

C F Irvine

T Chappell


R B Greenland

R S Wingent

T Wilson

M L Barlow

C M Goddard

D J Wright

Chief Engineer

E Callaghan

E W Evans

P Hadrys

2nd Engineer

A Johnstone

W B Burdon

G C Andrew

3rd Engineer

J D Doig

P Murphy

4th Engineer

P S Wakeham

D G Miles

5th Engineer

K Frost

A MacLean

Chief Steward

R C Humpage

H Shores

South American Saint Line
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