Jamie Cayzer-Colvin

Born 1965

Jamie takes a very keen interest in both the Clan Line and Union-Castle Reunions. Attending when business commitments permit.

He first attended the Clan Line Reunion in 2013 and took the trouble to write his own biography

“I am the great Great Grandson of Clan Line’s founder Sir Charles Cayzer, Sir August, the second chairman, was my great grandfather and Sir Nicholas, later Lord Cayzer was my grandfather and GG loving Bernard was my great uncle.

Lots of Clan Line heritage. However I never stepped foot on a Clan Line ship.

I now help run the family business, Caledonia, with cousins Charles Cayzer and Will Wyatt.

With the demise of the older generations I have taken on the task of ensuring that our proud maritime history is not forgotten and to this end the family has created The Cayzer Family Archive which has become a repository for all our papers and artifacts. We are always interested in finding more and details can be found at Cayzer.com.

The archive is based at Cayzer House, 30 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6NN  0207 802 8080

If you are interested in visiting please contact Dominic Gibbs at Cayzer House.

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