Joseph Henry Higgins

Service Record



Rotherwick Castle



In Lourenco Marques


21 July 1963

Email Received 18 May 2020

My uncle, Joseph Henry Higgins, died aged 22 in a boiler room explosion on Rotherwick Castle in, I believe, July 1963. He was buried abroad.

My mother is the only one left (aged 84) and has very little knowledge of the event - she says a representative from the company came to talk to her mother (Mrs J M Higgins), but she was out and he never came back - none of the family ever got to visit his grave.

Is there anything at all you could let her see?

The original National Archive document is "attached" - the entry is 3rd line from bottom on lefthand side of the page.

Interesting how many other deaths there are onboard UC ships.

The entries in red ink are passengers.

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