Clan Murdoch (1)

5,930 Tons (1919) 21st February 1942, sailed ex Rangoon with 1,200 Tons of Bombs and some 1,200 servicemen (mainly RAF) although only accommodation for twelve !

Then called at Akyab and took on board four crashed aircraft, 100 tons of spares anad a further 250 servicemen.- finally making it to Calcutta on the 26th February.

Then returned to Akyab on 4th February, discharging 900 Tons of bombs and taking aboard 2,400 tons of rice and around 1,000 evacuees who were safely delived to Colombo but whether she was damaged in the aerial bombing of that harbour of 5th February 1942

("The Fourth Service")



Years in Service


Clan Murdoch (1)


1948 transferred to Houston Line, renamed Halesius (2),

1952 sold to Panama, renamed Jan Kiki.


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