1948 - December


Deck Officers


Master’s Certificate

Second Mate’s Certificate

Clan Line

N Wallace

I A W Williamson

E R Smith

J K Robertson

A D Rumble

Engineer Officers


1st Class Motor Endorsement

1st Class Motor Certificate

1st Class Steam Certificate

2nd Class Steam Certificate

Clan Line

A M MacIntyre

A Coutts

R W C Jeffrey

B Gwilliam

T A Rush

J McCrun

A G Munro

T L O’Hare

G G Pirie

Deck Officers


To Master

To Chief Officer

To First Officer

To Third Officer

Clan Line

F H Thornton

R G Bagnall

J R Hogg

E D J Cox

F C Doyle

R M Mayo

I A W Williamson

J E S Catterall

E M C Crawley

H E Holden

G H Healy

P C W Hoblyn

J L Easton

J P MacMaster

J Milward

Engineer Officers


To Chief Engineer

To Senior Second Engineer

To Jnr Second Engineer

Clan Line

R C Bainbridge

J C Forbes

T McKinnell

A B C Wilson

C Simpkin

J Beadle

E W Smith

J G R Coull

J McCrun


Mail Service

Edinburgh Castle

Left Southampton

9 December

For South Africa


T W McAllen

Chief Officer

F Marriot

First Officer

A D White

Second Officer

A J Trout

Third Officer

R Taylor

Fourth Officer

P S G Eckford

First Radio Officer

J Hodgson


J K Donald

Chief Engineer

W Lockhart

First Engineer

G Watson

Second Engineer

D Abercromby

Int Second Engineer

F A Purton


A Connolly

Chief Steward

D G Wheelband

Union-Castle Line

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