Drummond Castle

In memory of the officers and crew of RMS Drummond Castle.

Lost when their ship foundered near the island of Ushant

16th  June 1896






W W Pierce

Chief Engineer

H Eyre

Smoke Room Steward

E Hayware

1st Officer

J Wayman

2nd Engineer

J Holmess

Officer’s Steward

E Bennet

2nd Officer

T W Hicks

3rd Engineer

R J Beattie

Engineer’s Steward

W Painter

3rd Officer

J H Brown

4th Engineer

J MacAlpine


A G Sewell

4th Officer

P S Ellis

5th Engineer

J Palmer


T Wills


C J Fallon


D Mayer

Chief Steward 1st Class

B Hunt

W Skead


G Becker

2nd Steward 1st Class

J Taits


A Cowie


J Peel

Storekeeper 1st Class

F Middlemiss


G Ebro


W Carter

3rd Steward 1st Class

F A Dalby

Bosun’s Mate

J Mills


S Whiteman

4th Steward 1st Class

M Condon

Bosun’s Mate

H Marsh


D Sullivan

5th Steward 1st Class

R Wilkins

Lamp Trimmer

J Brown


J Westobey

Chief Steward 2nd Class

W Nichols


W MacDonald


D Crawford

2nd Steward 2nd Class

J W Dart

Quarter Master

J Milne

Boiler Man

G Weekes

Asst Steward 2nd Class

E Rolfe

Quarter Master

C Wood


Boiler Man

S Cornwall

Asst Steward 2nd Class

E Thundercliffe

Quarter Master

H Huggins

Boiler Man

W Quinton

Asst Steward 2nd Class

C Barratt

Captain’s Steward

F Martin

Boiler Man

J Dunsmore

Asst Steward 2nd Class

S Phillips

Able Seaman

T Matteket

Boiler Man

W T Johnstone

Asst Steward 2nd Class

A C White

Able Seaman

J Harvey

Boiler Man

? Crease

Asst Steward 2nd Class

A Middleton

Able Seaman

W Godbolt


Boiler Man

E Arnott

Head Chef

A Basrgie

Able Seaman

B K Wiseman

Boiler Man

J Stevens

2nd Chef

J Williams

Able Seaman

J Tulloch Scott

Boiler Man

C Vincent

3rd Chef

W Page

Able Seaman

W M Peebles

Boiler Man

A Johnstone

4th Chef

T Cossington

Able Seaman

W J Condon

Boiler Man

B Dumbrill

Dish Washer

A Evans

Able Seaman

C Twidey

Boiler Man

E Paterson


G Bowver

Able Seaman

J Rabr

Boiler Man

B Richardson

2nd Baker

T Sloan

Able Seaman

G Proud

Boiler Man

E Marsh


F Gurney

Able Seaman

B Kibblewhite

Boiler Man

T M’Court

Apprentice Butcher

A Thompson

Able Seaman

A MacKenzie

Boiler Man

W Crump


Mlle Gilbert

Able Seaman

W Barker

Chief Steward

F Roberts

Hostess 1st Class

Mme Jones

Able Seaman

C Carden

2nd Steward

J Laytham

Officer’s Steward

W Allison

Able Seaman

B Lacey


S Griffith

Officer’s Steward

G Eccles


F Hine


S Coe


T W Darke


T Lewis

Saloon Steward

C Hillson

Chief Baker

H Thurgood

2nd Baker

H Liddle

F Fleetwood

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3 and 4, Fenchurch Street,


on 11 July 1896

Dear Mr. Ritchie,

I have forwarded to Sir Courtenay Boyle in the House the detailed report of my son-in-law, Mr. Mirrielees, of our society, upon his return from the coast of Brest, which you had been promised in respect of the generous services rendered by the inhabitants of this distric t, in particular in Ushant and Molene, in connection with the loss of Drummond-Castle.

"In the report submitted to you, Mr. Mirrielees explained what he had learned from the inhabitants of the Brest district would be greatly appreciated by them, although they refused to pretend that they were entitled to this consideration. I have carefully thought about the issue and now I beg you to clarify what I propose to do.

"I propose to appeal to the public, in addition to the movement inaugurated by Lord Belhaven and Stenton, for subscriptions to form a Fund for the following purposes, under the direction of a Committee composed of Admiral Sir Anthony Hoskins Lord Belhaven and Stenton, MW Garland Soper (Chairman of the South African merchants Committee), Sir Robert GW Herbert, Lord Clifden, M. Mirrielees, along with the other members of our firm and myself, with the cash power of subscribers:

1. constructing an arrow for the Tower of the Church of Ushant should serve as a benchmark for fishermen and other fishermen.

2. put a clock on the Church of Molène and help, by its contribution or otherwise, to organise, as far as possible, a better water supply for this island where the inhabitants are not very affluent and where they have been subjected to cholera time in TEMP s due to lack of water supply.

3. If the subscriptions received are sufficient, a fund will be created for the parents of the shipwrecked or retired fishermen, as well as for the education of the children of fishermen and other persons in the Finisterre district, including Ushant, Molène and the Islands.

"I am convinced on all sides of the General will to manifest, in one way or another, our national well-being and our gratitude to the people of Brittany. The Fund of Lord Belhaven has already reached the sum of £130 and I will start the new subscription list proposed with a gift of £200.


Donald Currie

A letter of appreciation for the help given by the residents of Isle Molene sent by Donald Currie to the then Head of The Board of Trade

Roughly translated back to English

The bow of Drummond Castle

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