Mr. James Milne was quartermaster aboard the Drummond Castle, he was 48 years old.

He was born in Cupar (Scotland) in Fife. He studied at the Madras Academy and completed his studies at Trinity College, Glen Almond before getting married.

Her grandmother was Miss Stewart of Strathgarry House, in Perthshire. James Milne made his apprenticeship aboard the HMS Black Prince (74-gun Royal Navy), which he then became the third officer.

Around 1876, while acting as Chief Officer on the British Duke, he performed an act of courage. The ship was travelling from Port Adelaide (South Australia) to San Francisco. In the middle of the ocean, the ship encountered a hurricane that had literally lain flat. The captain had lost all hope when Mr. Milne cut the mizzen mast with his own hand and saved the ship by fabricating a makeshift mast.

He entered the service of the Castle-Line in 1890 and, after being quartermaster on the Dunbar Castle, he was transferred two years earlier to the Drummond Castle. He had also travelled in December on the Pembroke Castle.

Mr. James E. Gordon Milne was formally recognized for his cleft on his arm. They represented the crucifixion, the Blessed Virgin and Saint John.

The parish priest of Molène wrote to Mr. Milne's brother in Cambuslang: "Comfort yourselves, for your late brother, good Catholic, rests in peace under the shadow of the cross of Jesus Christ."

Petty officer Milne was the youngest son of Reverend George Gordon Milne.

He lived in London with his wife, but had no children.

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Dunbar Castle



Pembroke Castle


Drummond Castle




Lost when wrecked


16 June 1896

Aged 48

James Milne

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