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With great sadness we have to announce the passing of "Tony" Pellow on Monday 21st July.

After working briefly in a Bank, Tony became a cadet in Union-Castle with whom he served in the mail and intermediate fleet rising eventually to become Chief Officer of Roxburgh Castle.

Shortly after leaving Union-Castle he joined the Trinity House Pilots Isle of Wight District (as they were called at that time ) who piloted ships to Southampton.

He started on the Isle of Wight in 1960, and eventually took the opportunity to transfer to Southampton where he later became a Choice Pilot for Overseas Container Lines.

He transferred to A.B.P. when they took over the pilotage in 1988, and retired as senior pilot in 1992.

Tony was a Southampton man through and through. His father was Dock Master in the port for some years, and Tony was educated in the City. Apart from being a Cachalot for longer than any other member, he enjoyed his membership of many other Clubs in the city, where his natural good humour and willingness to take on many of the duties involved made him many friends.

Our condolences go out to his wife of 57 years Kathy, and their two children and grandchildren. He will be greatly missed by all his many friends.

Tony Howard

Tony Pellow joined the Club in 1951 and was our longest serving  Cachalot

Service Record



Joined Company


Athlone Castle

3rd Officer


Kenya Castle

Extra 2nd Officer





Roxburgh Castle

Chief Officer



Left Company



21 July 2008

Obituary - 2008

Jack Pellow


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