George Springett

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See attached . . . .more to follow when I get organised. that's if your interested

George Springett . . . my Great Grandfather

Not sure I have a lot, that cutting was probably taken from the Southampton Evening Echo unfortunately what you see is all I have, No Date.

I have only in the past year become interested in the family tree and until recently its just been a list of Names and Dates but I am now on WikiTree and starting to research the history of the people in the tree.

My first trip into the loft has given me that and a second item "see Attached" it has the names of family members in the food listed.

The 1901 Census shows him age 24 occupation Steward so I think he spent most of his working life at sea with Union-Castle and I believe he was a Chief Steward.  I will keep in touch


in 1915, while George was serving aboard Armadale Castle (at that time an Armed Merchant Cruiser part of the 10th Cruiser Squadron), he enlisted the help of a shipmate (R H Roberts the artist and poet) to create a birthday card for his wife Charlotte.

The first picture is of Armadale Castle in her war-time colours and flying the White Ensign of The Royal Navy.

The second, I presume, is of their home, where Charlotte would be.

The press cutting of his death is probably from The Southampton Echo and would date to 1932

Given that his sea service is given as 35 years, he would have commenced service in 1895, at the age of 20.

All that being correct he was born in 1875.

The dates from the 1901 Census would put his date of birth as 1877.

His Union-Castle service would have probably started prior to the merger so it would be interesting to know if his origins were with Union Line or Castle Line.

He served on:  Armadale Castle and Carnarvon Castle and probably many other company vessels.

It is interesting to note that George died whilst staying at the home of Mr & Mrs W F Maton, his daughter and son in law.

Service Record



HMS Armadale Castle



Carnarvon Castle

Chief Steward






Aged 57

HMS Armadale Castle - 1915

Carnarvon Castle - 1930

Clearly he would have been a Chief Steward, otherwise such a supper would not have been possible.

The motto - meaning this supper is a buffet, help yourself.

The strange names for the dishes are a reference to his nearest & dearest:

Wilf = Wilf Maton his son in law

Charlotte = His wife

Olive = His daughter Olive Maton

Harry = His son

Doris = His daughter

Phyllis = His grand daughter

Obituary - 1932

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