1949 - June

Mail Service

Stirling Castle

Left Southampton

9 June

For South Africa


W A Pace

Chief Officer

N M Lloyd

First Officer

G W Laurenson

Second Officer

T C Cable

Third Officer

D E Harris

Fourth Officer

E H Hall

Chief Engineer

F E Mattocks

First Engineer

R F Leith

Second Engineer

W Newman

Int Second Engineer

A C Simpson

Jnr Second Engineer

H G Stuart


A S Jones


J H Lavery

Second Purser

A E Stevens

Chief Steward

W G Retford

Radio Officer

P P Williams

Union-Castle Line

Cargo Service

Rochester Castle


J M Rayner

Second Officer

J Drummond


Deck Officers


Master’s Certificate

First Mate’s Certificate

Second Mate’s Certificate

Clan Line

P R Kent

I M Shearer

J M MacKay

G A Dubery

T S Cotterell

Engineer Officers


1st Class Motor Endorsement

2nd Class Steam Certificate

2nd Class Motor Certificate

Clan Line

A G Meek

J H Deacon

J M Reid

R R Munn

J L Haycocks

P Spencer

L Daxter

A Stoddart

Deck Officers


To Master

To Chief Officer

To Second Officer

To Third Officer

Clan Line

R A Harris

T R Halliday

J A Law

A M Christie

A M Vaughan

G G Greenfield

M J Skillington

M P Lee

Engineer Officers


To Chief Engineer

Clan Line

J C Forbes

D Scott


St Essylt

St Thomas

St Merriel

St Clears

St Rosario

St Margaret

St Elwyn


C Bradley

S Diggins

F Meneight

D S Davies

W Roberts

A Ellis

G T Rees

Chief Officer

A Stacey

W Singleton

F B Jones

A A Neller

A H Dare

A H Turner

D C Brown

First Officer

P L Townsend

H A Pond

J Armstrong

D Millward

R A D Hammond

H E Bulmer

T E Roberts

Second Officer

J E Williams

T D Groves

G W Hewitt

M Pawlik

H Coupland

F J Adams

T D Young

Third Officer

S M Wilson

A J B Phillips

T C Willcox

C Kirby

A Woodcock

S V Henderson

B J Phillips


T S Hayward

I P Skipp

J F Whitfield

J C Copp

W G Barnard

G G Rutter

P H Warne

D L Street

T Haworth

J G Oakshott

G R Tawse-Smith

D W L Tims

J M Rodgers

R J Coe

D B Bird

G A Crellin

N C Adkins

P C Tebbutt

J T Duff

P S B Trant

T Chappell

W C Briggs

Chief Engineer

W T Fleming

W L Marrs

J C Chalmers

E Thompson

C W Osmond

J C Metcalfe

C W Woodridge

Second Engineer

W W Sinclair

R R Middleton

G C Franklin

D J Rees

R Woof

R G Morgan

R B Brown

Jnr Second Engineer

W C Morris

A Kilpatrick

D S Marsh-Jones

Snr Third Engineer

W G H Nairn

D J Spurlock

J H Bettridge

C A Rees

A D Manning

N C Bartley

H Cockroft

Jnr Third Engineer

W H Francis

H McPherson

A Stuart

Fourth Engineer

J W Davison

W D Broomfield

D E Miles

C A S Hildreth

D R Warlow

R J Wyllie

P Hadrys

Fifth Engineer

J W Hewitt

R W Miller

G S Carverhill

D McCaffery

J D S Boyle

T Wylie

C Brettle

Sixth Engineer

P J Christopher

T L Hewison

First Electrician

K D Wheatland

J Cooke

G Edgecombe

Second Electrician

J H Thomas

N C Robson

Chief Steward

H Dickens

I Carmichael

A Brown

W Coulthard

F Dolman

E J Pollard

J Howard

St Jessica

St Arvans

St Helena

Fort Frontenac

Belwoods Park

St Briavels


I Ellis

P Reaveley

E C Martyn

T Mitchell

J Maughan

A A Havers

Chief Officer

D Morgan

R E Ward

Training Officer

C F Stewart

First Officer

W R Vickers

I Hindmarsh

N E Nute

B T Staves

D C Bandey

Second Officer

P W Groves

P Ward

H D Bolderson

E A Robinson

A G Chamberlain

H A R Frith

Third Officer

M V Hopkins

D B Maskell

D C Howard

F T Wickham

D J Batton

S M Wilson


C H Brook

I M Nash

T Murray

P Bellamy

R C Aldridge

C F Irvine

I E MacLean

P R Johnson

I M Turner

H McNearnie

D C Williams

P A Trace

E W Whiting

R J Cooper

J C Harrington

Chief Engineer

W E Lindop

W M Pottinger

E W Evans

K Bearpark

R Watson

H C Tyrer

Second Engineer

G W Church

A F Compton

J H Greenwood

R S Donaldson

H V Randall

B McGlynne

Third Engineer

R I Strain

N Redshaw

A C Baxter

A R Macey

A Hindmarch

Fourth Engineer

J Cullen

G F M Robinson

J P Fletton

R G W Hadley

D Hodgson

Fifth Engineer

P Lewis

P A Ward

W B Burdon

R H Williams

G Morgan

Chief Steward

S Corbett

S Frampton

R Stephenson

S Lamy

A Bishop

G Murphy

South American Saint Line

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