Archibald “Boyd” Laird

From his daughter Heather Laird on the Clan Line Facebook Page

I recently came across these photos of my late father - (Archibald) Boyd Laird 1933-1987.

I thought they would be of interest to the group.

The information with each photo is what my dad has noted on the back of the photo.

He was the ships carpenter.  

Mum and dad emigrated to New Zealand in 1965.  

Once they came to Lyttelton dad worked on the wharf but he passed away in 1987. Mum still lives over in Lyttelton.

Both my brothers have sea based jobs - my older boroher Finlay is one of  the Lyttelton pilots and my younger brother Archie is a commercial fisherman out of Lyttelton

Brisbane 1958

Boyd Laird, Jim Gauld (J2 Eng), Bill Ritchie (4 Eng), Brian Richards (3 Eng), Jack Laird,

Brisbane, Jan 1959.

Jack Laird, Boyd Laird, Donald Grahame, Jim Gauld, Bill Ritchie,

Brisbane, Jan 1959

Jack Laird, Brian Richards, Jim Gauld, Boyd Laird, Bill Ritchie,

Brisbane, Jan 1959.

Boyd Laird, Donald Grahame, Jack Laird.

Boyd and Jack Laird in the middle, no names of the other two people.

Jack and Boyd Laird at the back, no names for the two in front.

Brothers Jack and Boyd Laird.

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