1956 - June

Union-Castle Line

Mail Service

Arundel Castle

Left Southampton

7 June

For South Africa

Carnarvon Castle

Left Southampton

14 June

For South Africa

Edinburgh Castle

Left Southampton

21 June

For South Africa

Winchester Castle

Left Southampton

28 June

For South Africa


D D Mackenzie

W S Byles

H A Dellar

G W Lloyd

Chief Officer

P St Q Beadon

Clan Line

Scottish Eagle

Left Newcastle upon Tyne

23 June

For Persian Gulf


D T Griffiths

Chief Officer

J Nutt

Second Officer

M W Scott

Jnr Second Officer

T M Connolly

Third Officer

W S Wallace


I M Green

H S Thomas

Radio Officer

H Arnold


R F Calderbank

Purser Catering Officer

R M Taylor

Chief Engineer

J M Whitten

Second Engineer

W H Woods

Jnr Second Engineer

A H Teer

Third Engineer

I G Duncan

Fourth Engineer

W Maitland

Fifth Engineer

J Minnis

Sixth Engineer

R E du Rose

Jnr Engineer

A S Reid


R W Leitch

Scottish Tankers

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