Clan MacKinnon (3)



Years in Service


Clan MacKinnon (3)


Ex Empire Dunnet

1946 purchased from MOWT and renamed Clan MacKinnon

1955 transferred to Houston Line

1961 sold to Hong Kong owners and renamed Ardross


Life After Clan Line

In 1963, she was sold to Kinabatangan Shipping SA, of Panama, and was renamed Labuan Bay.

On 20 March 1967, Labuan Bay ran aground at Bancoran Island, Borneo (7°58′N 118°04′E) and caught fire.

She was refloated four days later and towed to Manila, Philippines.

On 11 July, a further fire occurred.

Labuan Bay was scrapped in November 1967 at Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

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