Cluny Castle (2)

CLUNY CASTLE (3) was built in 1903 by Barclay, Curle & Co. at Glasgow with a tonnage of 5147grt, a length of 419ft 1in, a beam of 50ft 2in and a service speed of 12 knots.

One of Donald Currie’s “Emigrant” steamersordered at the close of the Boer War, Cluny Castle was launched on 10 August 1903, the day before Armadale Castle was launched at the nearby Fairfield Yard.

Cluny Castle was a sister to Comrie Castle and both vessels acommodated about a dozen saloon passengers, a few more in second class (located in the poop) while provision was made for a much larger number in third class.

Unil the commencement of war in 1914 Cluny Castle was employed on the west-coast run and an “extra steamer” and also performed a regular service to Mauritius together with the other “extra” steamers.

At the outbreak of war her itinerary varied considerably and for some time in 1915 she was on the east-coast service.

In June 1917 she was taken over by the Shipping Controller under the Liner Requisition Scheme and she was sent as far away as New Zealand.

In 1924 she was transferred to the fleet of Natal Line and renamed Umkuzi.



Years in Service


Cluny Castle (2)


1924 transferred to Bullard King, renamed Umkuzi (2)


Elephant and Castle - 1911

Illustrated London News - 18 March 1911

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