Capt Frank Stewart Lofthouse

RNR DSC OBE Lloyds Bravery Medal

Gazette No. 29736. D.S.C.

The KING has been graciously pleased to give orders for the award of the Distinguished Service Cross to the said Officer.

Lieutenant Lofthouse showed admirable presence of mind on the occasion of the attack by an Austrian cruiser on a group of drifters in the Adriatic on the 9th July, 1916.

When the cruiser opened fire on his drifter at point-blank range, this officer ordered the crew to put on lifebelts, and immediately went to the wireless apparatus himself and twice sent out a message as to the presence of the cruiser.

Whilst he was sending this message three shots hit the ship. He then came on deck and, finding his ship was sinking, he got his crew overboard and by his example and behaviour kept them together until they were picked up six hours later.

Operation Pedestal

Was awarded the OBE for his services when Master of Clan Ferguson during Operation Pedestal

Captain Lofthouse died on 21 October 1946 when serving as Master of Clan Chattan

Decorated - 1916

Decorated - 1942

Obituary - 1946

Service Record



Clan Murray

2nd Officer


Clan Ferguson



Bombed & sunk

Clan MacAulay



Clan Chattan




21 October 1946

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