The Straits Times,

9 November 1935

Email Received 3 November 2021

I came across your website when searching for information on Captain Henry M S Laidlaw who is listed in your entries. He was among other things the Captain of the SY Rosuara for Lord Moyne.

My grandfather served on the SY Rosuara (and the Rossaulka before she sank) and I luckily I have some photos from the “Komodo Dragon” cruise he made as a member of Lord Moyne’s crew.

I have collected much information on the Rosuara and her cruises, and have also tried to learn as much as I can about the crew including the Captain.

Unfortunately I have never been able to find any photograph that identifies him.

But, I do have this photograph of Lord Moyne, his pet monkey (“Ghandi”) and another officer, on board the Rosuara, say mid 1930’s.

It is possible that is the aforesaid Captain Laidlaw.

What do you think?

It would be nice to contribute a picture to his past.


Simon Leigh

The Steam Yacht Rosaura

Obituary - 1939

Dated 1939

From HMS Conway Website

Henry Laidlaw


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