William Fry

Email Received 7 Feb 2016

Many thanks for your reply, I apologise for not responding sooner. I will forward something to you to include on the British & Commonwealth site. I have found it surprisingly easy once I started to find out things about my Grandfather's service in the Clan Line.

I have sent his WW1 Medals off for mounting and will include this. Two books I found have been of great use History of Clan Line during WW1 and Clan Line ships up to 1945.

In fact his captain on the Clan Urquhart (I am sure it was that ship) died when he was the ripe old age of 96, in 1964.

Very sadly he died at sea in 1919 so never saw my father, and again my Grandmother died in child birth, such is life.

Anyway once I have collated some info I will send you an email. Also searching on the Internet has turned up a couple of sites that sell Clan Line uniform buttons.

Many Thanks,

Bill Fry

Email Received 2 Mar 2016

Having completed bits and pieces of research for the life of my Grandfather who sailed with the Clan Line. The task has been made slightly easier as we (my brother and I) have access to a few documents.

All of his Merchant service Mates tickets I have been able to find on line. Also being able to buy books about the Clan Line during the first war have provided fantastic background information.

Sadly my Grandfather died at sea Feb 1919 off the coast of Africa.

I have had bits and pieces mounted and framed, which is better than leaving them in a drawer.

Please amend and add to site, as I found it of use when I started looking.


Bill Fry.

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