Stanley Harron

Stan passed away 4th April 2016 at his residential home in Ulster.

He had a fall and broke his leg, he went downhill very rapidly thereafter.

His passing has resulted in many tributes being paid on Facebook:

Bruce Richmond -  Nice guy Stan. One of life's characters. Sad to see him go. Condolences to the family.

Gilly Spracklen  -  I remember him so well - he was such a gentleman RIP

Chris Isaac -  He regularly attended our reunions in Southampton. We will all remember him on May 8th. RIP Stan

David Lloyd Dawson -  Stan loved to dance, still can see him tripping the light fandango at the first class dinner dance. RIP Stan

Julian Peck -  I was on The Windsor at the same time he was, briefly, but just too Junior. All the same, sorry to hear.

Pat Kelly  -  RIP Stan I sailed a dozen voyages with Stan on the Windsor

Reg Kelso - An officer and a gentleman

Sheila Lampkin  -  Very sorry to hear this, as you say an officer and a gentleman

Fred Ing  -  Sailed with him on the Edinburgh, made me stay off decks until my beard was acceptable and then somebody made a joke that I'd got more round my face than he had on head bless!! Sorry to hear the news.

Eric William Jones  -   RIP Stan

Sheila Tanner  -  Sad news..... Great gentleman . May his departed soul rest in Peace. Amen

Kenneth Stevenson  -  Sounds like he was a good bloke

Norman Kitchen  -  I respected him as a gentleman but we were like chalk & cheese. I am sorry to hear of his passing

From Clansman January 1977

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