1976 - July

Mail Service

Southampton Castle

Left Southampton

2 July

For South Africa

Windsor Castle

Left Southampton

16 July

For South Africa

Good Hope Castle

Left Southampton

23 July

For South Africa


C de F Hedges

P St Q Beadon

A Allson

Chief Officer

W McCarthy

E Talbot

Second Officer

D Tweedy

J Hughes

Extra Second Officer

I Walker-Spicer

P Williams

Third Officer

P Harrison

D Bradley

Fourth Officer

C Witherdean


G Holland

K Green

P Whyte


L Acheson

E Petty

First Radio Officer

D Galbraith

R Mercer

Chief Engineer

R Gemmell

J Bunney

First Engineer

W Chirnside

P Lovell

Second Engineer

L Ord

J Pitman

Jnr Second Engineer

A Dent

K Hislop

P Coultas

G Moore

Junior Engineer

S Evans

A Graham

A Weir

M Bojko

M Gibson

E Roxburgh

D Craven

Engineer Cadets

C Grover

W Nunnerley

R Bath

M Taylor

T Rockett

Chief Frig Engineer

A Keith

J Ashlin

First Electrician

D Quinn

T Stallard

Second Electrician

A Pengelly

D Quick

Senior Mechanic

G Sergeant

W J Symons

G Ball

D Bristow

A Doctor

K Wilkinson

ER Storekeeper

T Andrews

D Woodford

Chief Purser Catering

R Rex

R Welland

Asst PCO

T Clark

C Penny


M Martin

C Hutchings

Second Steward

L Morgan

A Sealey

Asst Stewards

S French

J Wilmot

B Miller

A Sillence

D Ford

Union-Castle / Safmarine

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