1976 - May

Mail Service

Southampton Castle

Left Southampton

14 May

For South Africa

Windsor Castle

Left Southampton

28 May

For South Africa


C De F Hedges

R Royan

Staff Commander

W Pritchard

Chief Officer

P Brown

Second Officer

D Reid

Extra Second Officer

P Best

Third Officer

F Mack

Fourth Officer

C Turner

Extra Fourth Officers

T Culpin


P Bell


T Collett

Snr Master-at-Arms

V Hood

Jnr Master-at-Arms

G Leach

First Radio Officer

R Whitaker

Second Radio Officer

G Walker

Third Radio Officer

D Wakeford

Fourth Radio Officer

S Brett


J Latham

Nursing Sister

H Tinker


J Hogg

Chief Engineer

S Harron

First Engineer

A Garside

Second Engineer

D Warren

Extra Second Engineer

N Rattenbury

Jnr Second Engineer

G Knox

T Norris

Snr Third Engineer

J Oakman

Extra Third Engineer

I Hurst

Int Third Engineer

I Hutton

Jnr Third Engineer

R Misson

Snr Fourth Engineer

J Kelly

Int Fourth Engineer

M Fishlock

Junior Engineer

M Chick

J Coppock

W Moule

P Taylor

G Potter

B Shepherd

J Shepherd

Chief Frig Engineer

S Tyrie

First Electrician

G Forrester

Second Electrician

M Scrivens

Third Electrician

S Peacock

Fourth Electricians

D Yeandle

J Brzezinski

Senior Mechanic

P Grigg


A Wootton

ER Storekeeper

G Wan

ER Leading Hand

K Le Gallais

Chief Purser

O Parry-Williams

Cruise Purser

C Rutt


D Mason

Purser Catering

W Fleetwood

Second Purser

M Fletcher

Second Purser Catering

R Jones

Extra Second Purser Catering

P Steele

Third Pursers

P Robertson

J Wootton

R Higgins

Third Purser Catering

B Turner

Junior Pursers

R Cations

R Harris

R Dowden

M Fisk

Children’s Hostess

C Amis

Chief Barman

P Beech


A Haymes

Linen Steward

K Finch

Head Waiter (1st Class)

W Miller

Head Waiter (Tourist)

R Skevington

Band Leader

J Skene


J Sumpton


D Heard


J Leslie


D Cullinan


J Meehan

Asst Shopkeeper

C Hillier

F Hartwell

Union-Castle / Safmarine

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