1975 - March

Mail Service

S.A. Oranje

Left Southampton

7 March

For South Africa

Windsor Castle

Left Southampton

14 March

For South Africa

Good Hope Castle

Left Southampton

21 March

For South Africa

Edinburgh Castle

Left Southampton

28 March

For South Africa


R Royan

H Charnley

A Allson

P Eckford

Staff Commander

E Talbot

W Pritchard

W McCarthy

Chief Officer

I Currie

F Yeulett

W F Sutherland

D Pope

Second Officer

T Tollervey

R Head

M Brown

D Hawker

Extra Second Officer

J Price

W Brown

T Tye

Third Officer

P Van Rensburg

J Broughton

Fourth Officer

P D Pelizzari

M Tallis

J Pink

Extra Fourth Officer

J Warrington

A Hill


J W Hosty

L Boutillier

J Sweetman

R Plumley


H Hale

B Biles

W Ross


W Hayton

B Jones

E Petty

J Acton

Snr Master-at-Arms

V C Hood

R Lloyd

H Johnson

Jnr Master-at-Arms

B Mann

P Ridsdale

E Gibson

First Radio Officer

L Whitaker

S Harden

R Wilson

F Sharp

Second Radio Officer

R C Perks

P Taylor

H McColl

Third Radio Officer

P Sullivan

A Willis

H Chesters

Fourth Radio Officer

R Taylor

G Smith

E Smith


F Lane

J Latham

S Craven

Nursing Sister

M O’Doherty

H Tinker

K Burrow


C Nowacki

Chief Engineer

R Gemmell

J Hughes

J T Bunney

S Harron

First Engineer

P Lovell

A Garside

J P Hughes

W Chirnside

Second Engineer

L Ord

C Blakey

M Burton

J Black

Extra Second Engineer

B Cooper

S Rogers

R French

Jnr Second Engineer

G Knox

P Davidson

J Oakman

T Norris

R Hislop

J Stoodley

W McCarthy

Snr Third Engineer

J Lawson

D Dawson

Jnr Third Engineer

D Norman

R Kinder

K Poole

Snr Fourth Engineer

I Hutton

J Morrison

R Wills

Int Fourth Engineer

K Austin

Junior Engineer

D Shaylor

G Hanks

J Witherden

A Steel

D Smith

C Garth

W George

A Chivers

R Herron

R Heenan

M Lover

D Todd

D Waite

Engineer Cadets

A J Grieves

Chief Frig Engineer

D Laycock

W Falconer

R Crowe

J Ringshaw

Second Frig Engineer

A Hornsey

T Maunders

W Patterson

Third Frig Engineer

M Whiteley

P Taylor

First Electrician

T G Stallard

S McLean

W Gregson

E Wilson

Second Electrician

R Collins

T Philps

M Scrivens

P Pepper

Jnr Electrician

D Arnold

P Kelly

D Dixon

R Clarke

Senior Mechanic

G Ball

P Griff

K Richards

D Clarke

A Miller


J Berry

L Greens

ER Storekeeper

T Andrews

D Woodford

K Le Gallais

ER Leading Hand

P Wellman

G Carter

C Barker

Chief Purser

O Parry-Williams

J Dimmock

A Jenner


G F Cartwright

C Dellar

D Mason

Purser/Catering Officer

R Rex

Purser Catering

W Fleetwood

C Dawkins

Second Purser

D Tooze

M Saffin

J Tickner

Second Purser Catering

R Ledbury

N Nussey

P Steele

C Haysom

Third Pursers

N Rigg

A Whetung

A Donald

Third Purser Catering

T Atherton

K Dixon

W Black

Junior Pursers

M Byrne

C Martin

A Read

B Lile

P Stevenson

Junior Purser Catering

E Fisher

Children’s Hostess

R Cations

C Amis

H Sinclair

Chief Barman

B Watts

P Beech

A Young


D Hughes

A Haymes

Linen Steward

K Finch

Head Waiter (1st Class)

W Miller

T McIntosh

First Tourist Steward

B Blake

Head Waiter (Tourist)

M Stokes

R Skevington

M Proctor

Band Leader

P Cunningham

J Skene

T Jones


C Etheridge

J Sumpton

A Finlay


J Greer

D Herd

B Price

A Alves

Second Steward

A J Sealey


J Leslie

J Findlay


A Lee

D Cullinan

J Ayres


P Farrell

J Meehan

A Pond

Clan MacLean

As at 12 March

Clan MacGillivray

As at 22 March

Clan Grant

As at 14 March

Clan Robertson

As at 25 March


A T Campbell

H J Thorne

E J Owen

N F Wray-Cook

Chief Officer

P McMillan

P J MacArthur

P A Laurie

J C Fairclough

Second Officer

J W Hughes

R H Day

T R Alder

J Gilburt

Third Officer

S D Cobley

Fourth Officer

P K Mbiriri

R Crowther

A D Joel

P Hickmott


A M Reading

R A East

R A East

H Mwasigallah

P N Wobbalca

C J Edwards

Radio Officer

J N Duckworth

D R Kennedy

A J MacLeod

H A Mitchell

Trainee Radio Officer

B Evans


R W Turner

A D Jones

G J Shute


Sultan Ahmed

J Chakraborty

C Lockey

Chief Engineer

J Charge

J C Sanders

S MacLeod

A Coutts

Second Engineer

R Pyke

A S McKenzie

K Wilson

Jnr Second Engineer

T Castle

C McGrotty

J Gardner

Third Engineer

A M McKirdy

C R Vallance

Fourth Engineer

T C Coutts

M J Walker

R Thistlethwaite

Junior Engineer

W D Robertson

G Beattie

L Mortimer

R M O’Byrne

E Roxburgh

J D Chart

R M Algie

R Harling

J A Hutton

Engineer Cadets

N Reed

Chief Frig Engineer

J Frost


K Wylie

C Woodbridge


S Naik

R R Bisset

Purser/Catering Officer

S R Griffin

A M Bannerman

W Morris

A S Robertson

Asst PCO

J E Berry

Chief Cook

A Gomes

Pedrod Cruz


A B Stacey

Second Steward

D Grant

King Alfred

As at 1 March

King Charles

As at 12 March

King George

As at 21 March


F G King

I M Shearer

P C Byrne

Chief Officer

P W Brown

J W Buttress

C A Binks

Extra Chief Officer

P Atkinson

Second Officer

R C Case

T G Whittaker

J Barton

Third Officer

S P Pink

P J Weston

Fourth Officer

R T Lewis


I Shillito

J Poulter

R J Swatton

T J Culpin

Radio Officer

D W Abbey

J Maxwell

J Wright


F G Wright

C R Hood

G A Stevens

Chief Engineer

A Stoddart

P A Phillips

A M Russell

Second Engineer

M Jennings

A B Baker

R Wall

Jnr Second Engineer

R Conibeer

D W Howell

J H Wood

Third Engineer

H McKeegan

A P John

A Derbyshire

Fourth Engineer

A B Wylie

C Dixon

Junior Engineer

B E Pearson

G Nordon

G Viner

Engineer Cadets

I D Morrison

E P Rumble

D H Simms

J Calder

Senior Mechanics

D Farrar

N T Cave

W J Pope

A Broadfoot

P Kearney

M Heavey

M M McLeod

H N Lees

P Latham


R W Webster

D J Livesey

J Dehaan

Purser/Catering Officer

A J Patterson

P MacCormick

T J O’Neill

Chief Cook

B Hooper

K Jackson

A Robertson

Second Steward

G E Kerr

J B Barnett

D D Mealing

Clan Line

Hartland Point

Based at Cromarty Firth


M D Whiteley

Chief Officer

H M Cameron

Second Officer

P G Wakeling


D L Collins

Leading Seamen

W W Coleman

F Walker

O A Smith

D J MacLeod

Chief Engineer

A Eastoe

Second Engineer

W R Irvine

Jnr Second Engineer

L Logan


A J Boswell


R R Bissett

King Line

Other B & C Vessels

Union-Castle / Safmarine

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