David North


Middle (Ind)

British Commonwealth Shipping Co, Junior Navigating Officer - Clan Line,

Deputy Purser - Union Castle Line 1958-1964,

Sani-Pass Hotel, S Africa A/Manager 1964-66;

Chrysler International (South Africa) - Communications and Internal Affairs Officer/Editor ìPentastarî Monthly  1966-68,

Johannesburg Consolidated Investment Co, (JCI) - Group Public Relations & Advertising Manager 1968-73;  

returned Isle of Man 1973;  

John North Ltd - Managing Director 1973-79,

J Smylie & Sons Managing Director 1975-79,

founded House & Home Ltd - Chairman 1979-98;  

ìFinancial Timesî Isle of Man correspondent 1973-79;  

Member Nobleís Hospital Administration Committee 1980-87,

Medical Practices Committee 1982-89,

Tourist Advisory Panel 1987-88,

Arbitration Panel - Official side of the Whitley Council 1987-91.  

MHK (Middle)

 by-election 1988-date


Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry 1989-91,

Highways, Ports and Properties 1991-1994,

Transport 1995-96,

Trade and Industry 1996-date;

Member Department of Highways, Ports & Properties 1988-1989,

Department of Education 1988-89,

Chronically Sick & Disabled Persons

Committee 1988-91;  

Whitley Council;  

Committees of Tynwald: Tynwald

Management Committee 1992-96;  

Executive Council Committees:

Economic 1989-90,

Social Issues 1991-1996.

Council of Ministers Committees:

Shipping 1992-date.

Economic 1997-date,

MNEDC 1996-date,

Tax Benefits;

Chairman Manx

Foundation for Physically Disabled 1975-79,

Salvation Army, Isle of Man Community Services Committee 1979-84,

Marown Parish Community Care 1984-date,

Kevin Gray Memorial Trust (Hyperbaric Chamber) 1987-1994;  

Chairman Salvation Army

Isle of Man Advisory Council 1979-date,

Council Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce 1986-96.  

Attended CPA Plenary Conference Zimbabwe 1990.

Interests - music, guitar, bowls.

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