Richard J Beattie

Mr. Richard J. Beattie,

Third engineer aboard the Drummond Castle, was originally from Arbroath, Scotland, where his widowed mother resides at 64 Cairnie Street.

He did his apprenticeship at Dens Iron Works (A. Shanks & Son, Limited).

After passing his exams, Mr. Beattie had the chance to enter Castle line.

Eager to get a promotion, he soon proved to be a capable and willing worker. A few years ago, he was appointed third engineer aboard the Drummond Castle.

He had married two years before and since then his home was in London.

Shortly after receiving the sad news, Mrs. Beattie and one of her sons left for London to know the latest details as soon as possible.

It was the second tragic death of her family that Mrs. Beattie had to endure. A few years ago, while his eldest son was bathing in Arbroath Bay, he was suddenly taken from cramps and drowned.

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