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Ralph from Chicago here ......

Just wondered what you could do regarding crew searches.  Googled and discovered your website (I was looking for several ships of the Union, Castle, and Union-Castle lines).

Arthur W BARRINGER’s life ended in 1912 as a first class saloon steward on RMS Titanic, but had previously served on the RMS Olympic (though I do not know how many times - just once or several sailings). 

The only crew list I located was the Titanic sign-on from the Encyclopedia-Titanica website. 

He had also sailed on several ships of the Union, Castle or Union-Castle lines to South Africa, and previously on several lines primarily to NYC - most sailing from Southampton.  As to if he was a saloon steward on all the ships, I can only guess - the original family story was he ran off to sea as a cabin boy.  (I have a ship list collected from his Obituary that I can compile - I've researched each ship by name. and matched them to specific lines.  A few I could not find on-line, so I am assuming the newspaper misspelled the ship names. Then I guessed as to in which order he may have sailed them (assuming he stayed with one line at a time) based primarily on the ship's age.)

Let me know what "service" you offer with people searching, and costs - and I will send you a complete list of the ships from his Obits rather than take the time to night to collect it now and discover you can't help me.

I await a reply before proceeding.  Happy Labor Day (celebrated 1st Monday in September - the unofficial "end of summer" trips to cottages and start of school year.)

Hi Ralph

Firstly let me say that I make no charge at all for helping research into missing shipmates.

Please send me as much as you know on Arthur Barringer and his connections with Union-Castle.

As you may know Union-Castle was a result of a merger between The Union Line and The Castle Line in 1900.

Please include any pictures and I will create a page for him in the “People Search” section and then forward any responses to you.

Kind regards


(From The Cambridge Independent Press, April, 19, 1912, page 5).

Mr. Barringer, who was 34 years of age, and has a wife, had been at sea for 15 years, and had served on the Briton, the Norman, the Guscho, the St. Paul, the New York, the St. Louis, and the Olympic.  He was on the last named vessel at the time of the collision with the Hawke, after which he, with the captain and several of the crew, transferred to the Titanic.

I can match most of the ships (Briton, Norman, St Paul, New York, St Louis) listed to a line, but NOT "the Guscho" which I assumed it might have been "GUACHO" or "GAUCHO" misspelled (leading me to presume he might have been on a South American run).  I just cannot find it in any on-line webpage. (I've posted on Mariners-L with answers, but solution to the "riddle".) 

It maybe that Guscho is actually Gascon

(From the Cambridge Chronicle April 19th, 1912,

page 5)

Mr. Barringer, jun., left Cambridge some fifteen years ago, when he joined the Union-Castle Line at Southampton.  
He was afterwards connected with the American line,
and for some years he has been employed by the
White Star line. Among the famous vessels on which
he has held the position of steward are the Adriatic and the Olympic.

Arthur William Barringer was born in Cambridgeshire, England in 1878 and his birth was registered in the first quarter of that year. He was the son of William Barringer (1854-1919) and Mary Ann Baird (1851-1935). His father was from Abbotsley, Huntingdonshire and his mother from Hardwick, Cambridgeshire and they had married in late-1871 in Caxton, Cambridgeshire.

Arthur first appears on the 1881 census living at 10 St Matthews Buildings, St Andrew the Less, Cambridgeshire with his parents and siblings: James (b. 1872), Walter (b. 1873), Sarah Elizabeth (b. 1879) and Florence Gertrude (b. 1881). His father was listed as a Police Constable. On the 1891 census the family are living at 8 Thoday Street, St Andrew the Less, Cambridgeshire and have welcomed another daughter, Ada Rebecca (b. 1890). Arthur, aged 14, is listed as an errand boy. Another child would be born to Arthur's parents in 1896, Rosetta Maud.

By the time of the 1901 census Arthur is absent from home but his parents are listed as living at 13 Thoday Street, Cambridge.

Arthur was married in Southampton, Hampshire in early-1906 to Ethel Isabel McKean (b. 1880 in Southampton). They appear as a married couple on the 1911 census living at 13 Waterloo Road, Southampton (Arthur being described as a ship's steward) with their two children: Dorothy Ethel (b. September 2, 1909) and Eric (b. March 11, 1911).

When Arthur signed-on to the Titanic, on 6 April 1912, he gave his address as 52 Padwell Road, Southampton. As a first class steward he received monthly wages of £3 15s. His last ship had been the Olympic.

Barringer died in the sinking. His body, if recovered, was never identified.

Arthur's widow Ethel was remarried in 1914 to Thomas King and had a daughter, Peggy later that year. She was again widowed around 1921 and in 1927 in Southampton she was married  to Albert Winter. She died in 1960 in Gosport, Hampshire.

Arthur's daughter Dorothy was married in Southampton in 1932 to Jack Mills; the couple had five children before Dorothy's death in Southampton in 1995. His son Eric married Lillian Buckingham in Southampton in 1931 and they had two children. He died in Southampton in 1992.

If you can provide any more information about

Arthur Barringer:

Please contact Ralph in Chicago via email

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