Francis J Liddle

The presentation inscription reads;

“We the undersigned survivers from the T.S.S."NAVASOTA" present this address to Mr. F. J LIDDLE, Engineer of the S.S. "CLAN FARQUHAR" as a token of thanks for the courage he displayed in saving our lives, when our ship was torpedoed in the north Atlantic on Dec. 5th. 1939.

Unable to launch a boat in the rough sea, Mr. Liddle dived in and brought us alongside, from where they were able to haul us aboard with ropes, most of us being unconscious.

He only gave up the task when he himself became exhausted after being in the water almost an hour.

Also on behalf of our shipmates, Radio Officer, W. Daglish, and a Fireman, (name unknown) who died after rescue, and the many others he so bravely tried to save.

Presented at sea off Cape Town.

December 24th.1939.”

The Navasota was sailing to Buenos Aires in convoy OB-46 was hit by one torpedo from U-47 commanded by the famous Günther Prien (sank HMS Ark Royal) and sank about 150 miles west of Bishop Rock.

At 14.40 hours on 5 Dec 1939 the Navasota (Master Charles Joseph Goble) in convoy OB-46 was hit by one torpedo from U-47 and sank about 150 miles west of Bishop Rock.

The master and 36 crew members were lost.

37 crew members were picked up by HMS Escapade (H 17) (Cdr H.R. Graham, RN) and eight crew members by the British steam merchant vessel  Clan Farquhar and landed at Capetown.

This Pennant belonged to Francis Liddle.

A Sea Scout during WW1 where he won the Albert Medal at the age of 15.

He joined the Civil Air Guard in 1938.

Served with Clan Line throughout WW2 and the Korean War.

Service Record




2nd Frig Engineer



Clan Farquhar

2nd Frig Engineer




Chief Frig Engineer




Chief Frig Engineer



Clan Farquhar

Chief Frig Engineer



Rescue of TSS Navasota - 1939

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