James Bentley


There was a wealth of information on that particular voyage....too much for me to note in one go, I do know that she came aground due to pilot error.

The voyage commenced on 29/8/1917 from Tilbury @0815hrs and was known as a 'Cape Mail' run.

29/8/1917  Tilbury

29/8/1917 Gravesend

1/9/1917 Plymouth

17/9/1917 Ascension

20/9/1917 Jamestown

29/9/1917 Cape Town

3/10/1917 Algoa Bay

5/10/1917 East London

11/10/1917 Durban

15/11/1917 East London - Stranded,  I believe some of the crew transferred to another Union-Castle line ship (info is at the archives)

21/3/1918 Durban

22/3/1918 East London

24/3/1918 Algoa Bay

25/3/1918 Mossel Bay

29/3/1918 Cape Town

5/4/1918 St Helena

8/4/1918 Ascension

14/4/1918 Freetown

29/4/1918 London

I got all this info from looking into BT 100/263 at Kew and from there selecting the particuar year I needed to see. My main purpose was to find out more about my Grandfather rather than the actual ship, hence I do not know the Captain's name etc.

My Grandfather was called James Bentley, he was from Blackburn, however he had moved to London firstly as dock staff at Tilbury with P&O, then he worked his way through the engineers onboard ships for Union-Castle, I know that he was a 6th Engineer onboard the Galway...After 1917 my records of him are scant, I do know that he was onboard Union-Castle ships during the 1920's but which ones I do not know....

I am trying to find a way to tell me, but keep running into brick walls...any ideas? He was eventually a Chief Engineer, then I think he left sea in about 1929 due to the birth of my father and got a job assessing boilers for insurance.



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