David Bell

Dave Bell, 'Ping' Thorpe and I were 4th mates together on the "Winchester Castle" in 1958.   I think 2nd, Pete Carter 1st and Teddy Everet chief mate.  The master was 'Logger' Lloyd.    Mr Atkins purser.

Dave being on the 12 to 4 watch led a very active social life, grabbing a few hours sleep when and where he could!   Very well liked by all on board, I see him always laughing and never without an answer to sometimes very awkward questions.

Dave owned a venerable Austin 7, he was most upset when I crashed it into a 'road blocked' sign, I don't think the little car was that much the worse for it but I wasn't allowed to drive it again.

The last time I saw David was when I was in London studying for my mates at Sir John Cass.   David and 'Ping' (they were close friends) were augmenting their meagre salary by selling ice creams at the Chelsea Flower show!   

Email 11/07/2007

Dear Owen or is it still OG,

Such a surprise to hear from you through the Real Estate Institute, at first I thought I was in trouble as they only ring you when someone makes a complaint or you have stolen money from the trust account ( not that this has ever happened to me thank goodness )

How ever did you track me down to W.Aust, and Real Estate and I am surprised after 55 years that you remember me at all. Have just been talking to our friend Eddy (Ping) Thorpe who lives in Umina Beach outside Sydney and he also remembers you well. Ping and I became very friendly as he was an old hand when I joined the Tintagle in January 1955 straight out of the General Botha. I am trying to remember what ships we sailed together on as I have the most terrible memory. Ping reminded me that your father was the Marine Superintendent in Southampton.

Will be glad to hear from you Owen and hear where and what you have done with your life. I came to W.Aus in 1962 and did not want to go back to sea and did several jobs till I got into Real Estate in 1968 and have been there ever since. I married my lovely wife Julia in 1963 and have a boy and a girl and 3.5 grandchildren. Life is wonderful as we are healthy and we live in a paradise in the SW of WA in a town called Dunsborough, surrounded by beaches, wineries and good friends   

Looking forward to your reply,

Cheers David.

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