George Norris


Email 29 Oct 2014

A grandfather of mine was a stoker on Union-Castle Line circa 1911 to 1915. Is there anyway I can find out when he joined the company and perhaps his service history. In 1915 he joined the RNVR.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Colin Keeper

Reply 29 Oct 2014

Suggest you contact the National Archive at:

In the meantime you could send me all the info you have and I will open a page for him and let's see if anyone makes contact with details.

Email 30 Oct 2014

Dear Chris, Many thanks for getting back to me. The person in question was my grandfather, George Norris, I believe, born May 1877, in Birmingham, although his military records show his birthdate as 23 Aug 1883, with no home address.

I have attached a photo of him whilst in the RNVR and his service record - 1915 to 1919. You will see from his record that he previous experience gained in the Castle Line as a stoker.  Beyond this I have little else to offer.

I thank you very much for your offer of assistance and hope it bears some fruit.

Kind regards,

Colin Keeper

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