Edward John Raymond Walker


From the General Botha Old Boys Association Muster List

Father of Cadet R.D. Walker, 1959/60. Number 2162.

After completing Bothie his father thought him too young to go to sea and sent him to HMS Conway.

1936 joined Union Castle as Cadet, later obtaining his second Officer’s certificate.

1940 joined the S.A. seaward defence force as Sub-Lieutenant and posted to examinations services in East London until early 1941 when transferred to Durban to join the anti-submarine section.

Later in 1941 transferred to the Mediterranean theatrea nd joined the minesweeper ‘Southern Maid.” During this time he was gunnery officer when they sank the Italtian submarine “Odina”

Late 1942 returned to S.A. and commanded Pretoria.

Served with the S.A. Navy until end of WWII.

He joined S.A. Philips until retirement in 1982 having served as their regional manager in all regions.

Deceased 10/02/99.

Was awarded the D.S.C. during the second world war for the part he played in the sinking of the Italian submarine. Ondina in the Mediterranean.

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