Michael Barry Gordon

From the General Botha Old Boys Association Muster List

After Bothie signed on as an Ordinary Seaman in the “Langleebrook”, a Geordie Tramp out of South Shields.

Thereafter I became a Cadet with Union Castle and after a voyage to B.A. for frozen meat in the “Rowallan Castle” I spent the rest of the war trooping in the “Arundel Castle”, obtaining second mates in Liverpool in 1945.

A few years later, after time in freighters and tankers, and with a Chief Officers Certificate, I swallowed the anchor.

I set off on a rather varied series of activities.

These included the U.K. and the Malay Police, NAAFI Area Controller in Egypt and the Persian Gulf and Desert Locust Control Officer in Arabia, Ethiopia, Somaliland and the Sudan.

A couple of years in Canada & USA, then a valedictory 12 months voyage as Second Mate.

Then joined the Distillers Company, 30 years service.

Deceased 24/03/2004

Obituary - 2004

Service Record



Rowallan Castle


Arundel Castle




24 March 2004

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