Edmund Bateman

Email 18 Dec. 2009

Hi there

I wondered whether you might be able to point me in the right direction.  My grandfather's brother, Edmund Bateman from Littlehampton in Sussex was 2nd Baker on the Llangibby Castle when he was listed 'disappeared at sea' on Boxing Day 1930 some 300 miles off the Skeleton Coast.  Do you have any idea where I might look for more information about the incident?

I've enjoyed you r site - thank you!

best wishes

Dick Bateman

Email 19 Dec 2009

Hi Owen

Many thanks for the speedy reply - I'm impressed!

All I know about Edmund Bateman is on the attached certificate: I always suspected that he might have died at sea, and simply looked for him in the maritime deaths lists on 'findmy past'.  I know nothing about him after about 1916.  The problem is that I already knew that his younger brother had been lost at sea ten years earlier, from the SS Somali (P & O) off the Kerala coast, possibly en route for Calcutta: I also attach his certificate for interest.  (Thank goodness their only other brother, my grandfather, never went to sea!)

I'll investigate Kew - thanks.

Best wishes,

Dick Bateman

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