John Smart Smith

JOHN SMART SMITH was born in Perth on 24th November 1873, and was educated at Perth Grammar School and Robert Gordon's College at Aberdeen.

After an apprenticeship of six years with Messrs. Clyne, Mitchell and Co., Ltd., of Aberdeen, he entered the "Clan" Line as an engineer and made rapid progress through the various grades.

On obtaining his certificate as Chief Engineer be decided, on the grounds of indifferent health, to abandon the sea, and joined the staff of the Harbour Engineer of Aberdeen, where he was engaged for three years on general construction and maintenance work.

In 1903 he obtained a post with Messrs. S. Pearson and Son, Ltd., on the construction of the new docks and harbour for the British Admiralty at Malta.

Shortly after he was transferred to the oil-field development side of that firm, and was associated with the Mexican Eagle Petroleum Co., Ltd., till the time of his death.

He bore a large and responsible part in the construction of "The Eagle Oil Transport" fleet of tank steamers, and was a Director in several branches of the firm's activities.

Elected an Associate Member of this Institution in 1900, he was also a Member of Council of the Institution of Petroleum Technologists and a Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

He died on 23rd December 1921, aged forty-eight years.

Service Record



Joined Company

Jnr Engineer

Est 1894

1st Class







23 December 1921

Aged 48

Obituary - 1922

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